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Remodeling your home can feel like a daunting task an with unlimited amount of variables to consider. We have taken our knowledge of new construction and blended it with our experience of remodeling to give customers a seamless and smooth project experience. Our initial meeting focuses on customer expectations and personal styles.

We combine our customers' information with the design of the house to determine the best pairing of renovation options. After selecting which option best suits our clients' desires, we then supply a proposal with material budgeting and total project cost expectations. Our specialized vendors and suppliers help assist our clients in making fashionable decisions while remaining budget conscious. Once the final selections are made, your personalized Avid Construction representative will set up a project schedule and remain your advocate throughout the entire remodeling process.

This process is specifically designed to give you a comfortable and personalized experience second to none.

Get started with our experienced design and build teams.

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